I started up my business initially as just a little side hustle for the holidays to bring in some extra cash because at the time I was already working fulltime as a MA floater at a doctor’s office. Soon after I started doing this me and my husband began to realized how much people loved the things that I would make. So fast forward to April 2021 we were met with a life changing decision that we had to make due to the cost of daycare and babysitter reliability issues. All of our options for daycare fell through and there was no way we could afford it so after nearly 10 years at my fulltime job we made the decision to quit and grown my little side hustle into a small business so I would work from home and be a stay at home mama for my 2 babies (ages 4 and 1) ♡

With amazing support from family and friends I have grown and learned how to run a small business. I have reached out to others that have or have had their own business for guidance and many many hours and days doing research online. I did not realize that even though I was working from home that meant I would trade my 9-5 in for a 24/7. However, I am grateful to have this opportunity to be home with my kids and watch them grow.

I started this business with just a laptop, my phone, a cricut maker and passion for crafting and making people smile. I have been growing with my business and getting more equipment as I go along that way I am able to offer the best options possible for my customers. I make every order with extreme detail to provide my customers exactly what they want. Currently I only make custom made to order items but eventually I plan on having ready to ship items which include Shirts and tumblers. I do make other things such as ornaments, reverse canvas signs, resin coasters, stickers, car decals, crochet blankets etc. If you want something that you want to be one of a kind or personalized you can send me a direct message and 9/10 times I can do it. I’m always willing to expand and learn more.

If you have bought from me before I hope that you love what I made and order again and if you haven’t ordered from me yet I look forward to hopefully making something for you. Thank you for all of y’alls love and support and if you would love to do me the favor of following my social media on Tiktok and Facebook and share my content as well. ♡

UPDATE: For those that have asked about how can the give me a tip I have set up my linktr.ee link to have the options on where you can send a tip. Thank you!

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