The need for diagnostic equipment cannot be overemphasized. Quality of health has improved because these equipment enable healthcare practitioners understand the conditions they are dealing with better, as such, they are able to offer better care.

These equipment keep improving. They are however extremely expensive. Even though practitioners are aware of their existence, most practices cannot afford them. Optimum care for client being our core value means we are poised for meeting the needs of the people and the practices.

We seek to;
Have a state-of-the-art imaging centre that will feed the national reading centre with data.
Analyze data in order to draw clinical insights.
Marry the most up to date and best developments in AI, analysis of imaging with decision from clinical support to provide applicable support for the African patient.
Use clinical outcomes to build tools needed to upsurge analysis of images.
Organize short courses for eye health professionals in the area of imaging, where they will receive up to date insight into the current trends in imaging and ophthalmic diseases.
Become the central point where images can be sent from centres from across the country and continent for interpretation.
This Centre will address these challenges, because, not only will it fill the gap of getting accurate diagnosis from experts across the globe, staff will be trained to use the equipment and professionals will be trained to also interpret results. Our virtual clinics will have the emergency services and the video appointments. The emergency services can be assessed anytime while the video appointments will follow a booking system.

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